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July 4th, 2013 Monterey County Micro-state Parliament Election

"Democratic decisions by ranked choice voting."

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Company's Top Donor BoDs (1/13/2014)
All volunteer donors are entitled to one seat as
"Donor BoD" in any company geographical level or district they wish.

Click Here to See Donor BoD Tie-Breaker Votes

James Ogle [Free Parliamentary] 3.416
Norm Mickey [Peace & Freedom] .3088
Rocio Espanza [Pink] .0173
Richard Rodrigues [Aqua Tangerine] .0110
Dawn Pierce [Pink] .0031
Tiffany Briscoe [Green Tea-Rainbow] .0025
Kevin Clark [Green Libertarian] .0020
Rhett Smith [First Freedom] .0019
Harry Snell [Demigod] .0013
Benjamin Meiklejohn [Green Independent]
Daniel Stromgren [Green Independent]
Larry Carter Center [Disabled]
Vanessa Davis [Defender of the Republic]
David Sullivan [Democratic]
Ralph Beach [Libertarian]
Sue Edward [Green]
Jim Mueller [Direct Representation]
Dave Crossley [Green]
David Seaborg [Independent Democrat]
Andrew Hollis [Info. Not Avail.]
Jen Kiran [Taoist]
Ernest Wells [Communist]
Tom Holt [Unaffiliated]
Janine Kloss [Libertarian]
Rob Roberts [Libertarian]
Tony Jones [Libertarian]
Jim Doyle [Republican]
Jayson Keniston [Ozark]
Joshua Angell [Socialist]
Mosheh Thezion [All]
Zachary Gordon [Free Parliamentary]
Charles Stewart [Libertarian & Common Law]
AJ Dittmar [Independent]
Liz Haemmel [Peace & Freedom]
Lydia Kelemen [Independent]
Colia Clark [Green]
Paul Holman [Independent Democrat]
Ralph Hoffmann [Republican]
* * *

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